Free Stock Scanner

Track NSE & BSE listed stocks in real-time with multiple indicators on a fully automated system in the spreadsheet. (Video Below)

Link of Spreadsheet:
If you want a personalised editable version of the spreadsheet, email us at

Screenshot 2020-06-09 01.46.33

Type of Indicators
1. Moving Average Crossovers like Bearish Death, Bullish Golden Crossover, Price crosses SMA20, etc.
2. Breakout Scanner like Price Volume Breakout, NR4 & NR7 breakout, etc.
3. 52 week High/Low Alert
4. Daily volume Gain Alert
5. Candlestick Pattern Formation alert on daily candles like Doji, Hammer, Hanging Man, Bearish Engulfing, etc.
7. Near Pivot, support and resistance alert.
8. Stock reversal indicators using Directional Index

Free Stock Scanner- How to Use it?

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