Make It Big With DOSA Stall- How To Start One?

There is a popular saying- “India runs on street food.” It can be a great source of second income for both students and working professionals.  One can start a street food stall with a small investment and little time management. It also has low operational cost with little risk but generates a huge demand from youths.

Let me introduce you to one such street food item- DOSA served with coconut chutney and sambhar as a healthy morning breakfast or crisp evening snack. The beloved DOSA has a special price theory called “dosanomics” given by our ex-governor Dr. Raghuram G. Rajan.


Let’s look at the feasibility of running a DOSA stall as an alternative investment apart from the stock market, gold, real estate, etc.

Street food stalls in our metro cities are usually run by migrant people. We can easily find a group of 2-3 people in search of jobs and can help them set up a DOSA stall with some investment.



Metro Cities

Tier II

Investment (fixed cost)



Daily Sales (less in initial days)*




Daily Cost (Goods + 3 Staff salary)



Weekly settlement for place



Risk factor
(municipality +Location + seasonal change)

10% of sales

10% of sales

Daily Profit
(less in initial month, usually increases with the second month)




The above Profit and loss breakages are good enough to analyze an investment.  If we compare it with market investment, we may think that it’s a bit risky and time-consuming. But believe me, if you are good at managing time and people, this would generate money, good-will and lifetime local contacts for you. Second options are real estate and gold, which I personally find bogus and boring investments.

The youth of India thinks out-of-box, therefore invest out-of-box.

*Data is taken from the Daily Economics video report on running a DOSA stall.

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